R. E. Foster

Lead Pastor


R.E. Foster is originally from Tennessee. At the age of five he became a Christian while attending a revival meeting. Before leaving Tennessee he became involved in partying and other worldly exploits that many of us understand. 


Pastor Foster eventually heeded God’s call for him to preach the word of God.  He was licensed in 1979 and ordained by Pastor Hugh Smith in 1984.  In 1990, he became full time pastor of Zion Rest Missionary Baptist Church.


Pastor Foster’s most heartfelt desire is to fulfill God’s will for his life.  He believes his greatest responsibility as a Pastor is that of preaching and teaching the word of God in a practical and relevant way.  He feels that the family should be valued and is most important in our society. 


“Jesus accepts all of us where we are, but after meeting him we never stay the same”, Pastor Foster has commented many times.  His philosophy about ministry is to meet people where they are and help them reach the next level of maturity on their faith journey. 


Pastor Foster believes that the message to the people should convey and emphasize hope and restoration.  He has a very compassionate heart for people who are hurting not just spiritually, but physically and emotionally as well and believes that caring must be expressed by sharing.  As a matter of fact, a church’s mission is incomplete until God’s agenda is fulfilled for his church.  This belief is made explicitly clear in Matthew 25:35-40 and Matthew 28:19-20 which is further evidence of this.  Although the former scripture is eschatological in its context, we value its principles. The motto and mission statement of ZRMBC reflects the fulfillment of what we see to be God’s agenda for his church.


In addition to serving as Pastor, other experience include serving as Revival Chairman of the Baptist Ministers Union for seven years and also served as a Doctrinal Teacher for the Baptist Ministers Union for seven years.  Pastor Foster also had an opportunity to accept an invitation to TBN studios by Dr. E.V. Hill and visited with him in Santa Ana California.


Pastor Foster’s educational accomplishments are as follows: he earned a diploma in pastoral ministries from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (External Education Division);  an Associate of Arts Degree in Communications from Austin Community College;  a Bachelor of Science Degree in Religion from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia; and a Master of Arts Degree in Christian Leadership from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He also toured and studied in the Holy Land for college credit. 

Pastor Foster and his wife Shirley have been married for over 30 years and have two daughters.  Pastor Foster appreciates and is eternally grateful to his wife and family for all the sacrifices through the years.


In his leisure time, which is most welcome when it comes, Pastor Foster enjoys reading his Bible which is his number one passion, spending time with his family, listening to music and playing golf.




Church Staff (Full Time)

Minister R.E. Foster, Lead Pastor

Sis. L. York, Executive Administrative Assistant


Other Church Staff Members 

Sis. T. Guice

Bro. L. Smith



Bro. W. Williams, Chair

Bro. J. Pollard

Bro. B. Hodge

Bro. A. Andrews

Bro. V. Harris (Emeritus)

Bro. R. McBride (Emeritus)

Bro. J. Stewart (Emeritus)



Bro. R. Baxter, Chair

Bro. R. Burns, Vice-Chair

Bro. D. Alex

Sis. M. Earls

Bro. C. Hodges, Sr.

Bro. W. Hurd

Bro. R. Mitchell

Bro. L. Smith

Sis. L. Thomason

Bro. G. Westbrook (Emeritus)

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